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Client Reviews

When you work with us, you can take advantage of our friendly and professional restoration services. We’re not satisfied with our work until our clients are. Below, shows reviews from former clients that were satisfied with the end result.

Smoothing Concrete

 Maureen Murphy

"In August 2018 I traveled to NY to help care for my elderly parents for a month. A week after arriving they had torrential rains and flooding was occurring everywhere, including my parents neighborhood. Fortunately they were spared. A week later I kept hearing water running from somewhere but could not locate any issues where I assumed the problem was. When I finally went into their basement I found myself ankle deep in water. They had a pipe burst that had been leaking for probably a good part of that week. I could not shut off the main water supply to the house due to a corroded shut off nor could I shut the water off from the valve on the pipe that burst because it was also corroded. I called one water company who couldn't get out to see me for several days because they were still dealing with many cases from the flood the week before. I was told most likely nobody would be able to get out to help for days for the same reason. I found Fire Water Pros and decided to call anyway. Chris answered right away. I explained what happened and he told me he would be out within 45 minutes, and he was, even though he was inundated with other clients who had been flooded from the rains. He came in and assessed the situation and he was able to get the valve on the burst pipe to work so we could shut that water supply off. He sat down with me and explained the process and helped me work with my parent's insurance company so he could get to work. He came back an hour later with all the machines to suck up the water and start the drying process. He and his team worked until after 11 PM that night to get us to a good place. After that he stayed in touch and let me know when he would arrive each day and what his team would be doing. There were many unforeseen challenges along the way that put Chris's schedule behind, but he patiently waited for me to handle those situations so he could continue working. The initial discovery was a Sunday evening. To make matters worse, the upcoming Friday I had an important gathering for my father that could not be postponed, so Chris and his team worked non-stop to make sure we could hold that event, even though he was not done with the job. He made sure debris and equipment were cleaned up and out of sight for the event and resumed his work after that weekend. The job was completed the following week. He did what he said he would do every step of the way, and he and his team were respectful of the situation in our home with my two elderly parents, hardworking, polite, thorough, and always made time to answer any questions in person or by returning calls or texts promptly. It is rare to find service providers today that operate in that fashion. We highly recommend Chris and his team at Fire Water Pros."

Construction Site

Lisa Clift

"I contacted Fire Water Pros when a water issue arose in my home involving water and mold. Chris came to my house that day to assess the job and provide a quote. We could not get anyone else to come for over 10 days to even provide us with a quote. He was on time, professional and explained to us in detail the work that should be performed. He started the job the next day even with his busy schedule. Once into the job he assessed possible damage behind a wall that could not be seen. The damage was to a greater extent than we expected. Chris assured us it was not a problem, fixable and that he would handle the additional work for us. He was here every day on time and made a very stressful situation manageable. I would highly recommend Fire Water Pros to anyone!! This type of work ethic, attention to detail and EXCELLENT customer service are hard to find! Thank you so much Chris for helping us through our water and mold issues!"

Charlene Jones

"Back in February 2005, I experienced a devastating house fire. Chris Dailey/ Firewaterpros came forward as an honest and concerned business person and his crew and himself did a wonderful job on my fire restoration, clean-out and then followed through with complete re-construction of my property. The fire had damaged my property down to the studs...
With complete professionalism and excellent customer service, we were able to have everything I wanted to be done on the reconstruction. Chris and his crew completed the job on time and everything was complete. I would highly recommend this company for all and any restoration or construction work."

Removing Asbestos Roofing

 Rebecca Wilson

"I had a large renovation and had 3 contractors bid the project. Chris at Fire Water pros had, without a doubt, the best priced and most detailed bid we received. Therefore he was hired. He provided all documentation ( Worker Comp and Liability Insurance) detailed schedule and the only time we ran over on the schedule was when I had to change something. Which was finished in no time. We are extremely happy with his work and final product. If we have another project Chris will definitely be our first call."

Asbestos Workers

Carol Young

"Fire Water Pros was extremely helpful in a very stressful time. They kept in touch, always answered our questions and quickly got us out of a terrible situation. I highly recommend the company!"

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